Ticket For Secret Beaches Speedboat Tour

From EUR 58

Embark on an extraordinary journey with us and uncover the untouched allure of the Karaburun Peninsula! Imagine pristine beaches and untouched caves, crafted by nature's own hand—a beauty reserved for the privileged few. These are secret havens, hidden from the hustle and bustle, where the ordinary fades away, giving way to extraordinary landscapes. Prepare to explore the hidden gems, including the enchanting Haxhi Ali Cave, the scenic Bay of Boats, the alluring Bay of Dafina and Bristan, as well as the mystical Dafina Cave and the serene Karaburun . Book your ticket now for an exclusive rendezvous with nature's best-kept secrets!

From EUR 58

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On this tour you will visit:

- Haxhi Ali cave
- Bay of boats
- Bay of Dafina
- Bay of Bristan
- Dafina cave
- Karaburun beach

-Bag lunch
-Life Jacket
-All fees and taxes

Additional info
-Departure 10:30 am
-Duration 5-7h.
-Sun umbrellas on the beach are excluded.
-Available from May-November 
-“Book now”, choose the departure time & group size.
-Book min 1 day before.
-After booking , an automatic e-mail will provide you with the electronic ticket,QR code  and  location link on google maps.
-If you have problems with your online booking, please contact the number on the website.

Meeting Point: TripMe.Today Office


  1. Meeting Point
  2. Haxhi Ali cave
  3. The boat bay
  4. Natyral pool
  5. Dafina cave
  6. Dafina bay
  7. Bear bay (bristan)
  8. Zhanpovel Beach
  9. Vlorë